Dryer Vent Squad FDDs

“The Franchisor franchises the right to operate DRYER VENT SQUAD® businesses offering installation and repair of, and cleaning products and services for: dryer vents, bathroom vents, kitchen vents, appliances, exhaust vents, air movement systems, and …”
-Dryer Vent Squad Franchise Disclosure Document, Feb 2021, 124 Pages

Below are the Dryer Vent Squad franchise disclosure documents available for purchase. The Dryer Vent Squad FDD covers 23 key items including the franchises recent litigation, costs and fees, franchisor and franchisee obligations, key players, and other important information. An FDD often runs hundreds of pages long and is the single most important document to study when researching a franchise.

Dryer Vent Squad FDDs are $99 and are immediately available as a PDF download upon purchase.